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inhabitant of the
Cherry planet


of the
Sloe planet


Cotillon system (from out)

Cotillon system (from in)

of the Apricot planet

of the Bilberry planet

of the Lemon planet

inhabitant de
of the Apple planet

    Cotillon system is a system of six planets: Cherry, Apricot, Lemon, Apple, Bilberry and Sloe. These six planets are interdependent. They produce each something which needs another planet and need each of something produced by another planet. If one of them to be lacking, all the system collapses. Until now, fortunately, no problem was noted in the functioning of these exchanges. Let us wish that it lasts till the end of time.


    The Cotillon system, it is also and above all the book that tells the relations of these planets. A work the manufacturing of which offers some exceptional characteristics which make it a work of exception. Notably all the preparation of the paper before the printing.



The unbowling of the cotillon's balls.

Piles of unbowled balls.


The ironing before printing.

The leaves ready to printing. A reserve of non unbowled balls in glass jar.

After the printing in letterperss, handmade composition and printing.

Cutting with a little paper cutter
the linocut plates (1).

Cutting with a little paper cutter
the linocut plates (2).

Cutting paper circles for the title page
with a punch (reserve in the glass).

Pasting the rounds on the title page.


Trimming with the little paper cutter.

Beginning of assembling (3 sections).

After the drilling and before the oriental seam
in the specially made press.

It's finished...

    ... And if the poetry of a book was also outside of the text?...

The Cotillon system was made in 50 copies. It weighs approximately 10 grams (0,35 oz) and is probably the lightest planetary system known this day...

July 2007

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